Ace Cruz

Acting resume


Hamlet Horatio PCI Theater/Philippines
Hello Out There Lead Harmon Avenue Theater
Something in the Basement Lead Riviera Theater
Manilaman Lead Loyola Marymount Theater
The Legend of Lamang Lead Embassy theater
Nicholas Nickelby Pike Bing Theater/USC
Seascape w/Sharks & Dancers Lead Greenroom Theater/USC
Jacque and His Master Ensemble Greenroom Theater/USC
This Lady’s Not for Burning Ensemble Greenroom Theater/USC
Killing Game Ensemble Greenroom Theater/USC
Winterset Lead Greenroom Theater/USC
Iki,Iki,Nye,Nye,Nye Lead Drama Center/USC
God’s Follies Lead Drama Center/USC Demo Reel


BFA Acting Degree at USC 3 Years at USC film school

Writer / Director / Actor